How it works

By pledging to support a project through, you tell the world:

"I'll help fund it... to the extent others join me!"
  1. You pledge to donate monthly, up to a modest maximum set by the project (e.g., $10), to the extent that the crowd's total pledge can fund the project's goal.
  2. When the crowd's total pledge is less than the goal, your pledge is automatically split into a donation (which you're charged) and a matching promise (which you're not).
    • Split how? Your donation is a % of the pledge equal to the % of the goal that the crowd has pledged. Your matching promise is the rest.
    • Why? So that your pledge not only helps fund the project, but also helps grow the crowd to reach the goal, by promising to match newcomers' pledges.
  3. The crowd grows as people realize how empowering it is to donate together, connected and coordinated.
  4. When the crowd's total pledge reaches 100% of the project's goal, everyone donates 100% of the pledge.
  5. Above 100% of the goal, everyone donates less—just enough to meet the goal. The part you're not charged then serves as a stability promise, since your pledge helps keep funding stable even if some people leave the crowd.

Interactive example

Project's goal: /month
Crowd of X Total $/month % of goal % of pledge Average $/month
Pledge: X% $X
Donation: $X X% X% $X
Matching promise: $X X% X% $X
Additional needed: $X X%

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